Spectre In Wire / Dim Past

14 Sep

The collaboration between Dim Past and Coral Morphologic was a natural fit – both trace their origins in local waters. Brad Lovett, the Florida native behind the negative rave/dark techno project Dim Past, grew up going to the beach every day, which is where his folkloric dreads first started to take form. Coral Morphologic, the duo who grows thousands of coral colonies and turns images of them into high-def fluorescent art, is obsessed with Florida’s myriad waterworlds and the lessons they have in store. The video for Dim Past’s “Specter in Wire,” from the Black Dolphin EP, is a testament to this common thalassic history.

Colin Foord, the marine biologist who started Coral Morphologic with his longtime friend, artist Jared McKay, drove us southeast on the calm Seybold Canal toward the Atlantic. Dylan Romer, an application developer and video artist, took footage on his iPhone and used Time Piles for the editing of the video – an app he created that manipulates visual info to produce meditative collage effects.

McKay used Google Glass, which Coral Morphologic received as an early test group, lending him a cyborg sort of quality. McKay and Romer captured the sun bathed waterfront fisheries and old Miami houses. We passed yachts, restaurants, and homeless hangouts, all shadowed under the surreal postmodernity of Miami’s high-rises. Our boat made it to Government Cut, a manmade inlet carved in 1905 which now hosts cruise and freight ships on the surface, and a universe of corals beneath.

After anchoring, we explored the waters and took part in occult, aquatic rituals. There was a mind-blowing sunset; then, something in the corals ignited a shared psychedelic experience in all of us. As we returned under lightning skies, Miami appeared as a massive urban skeleton of steel and cement, teeming with life.


ZimHealth Europe / Gala Fundraising Event, Sep 28 2013 / Geneva – Switzerland

11 Sep

ZimHealth Europe


ZimHealth Gala Fundraising Event – Saturday, September 28, 2013!

Inviting all Zimbabweans and supporters of ZimHealth to a gala fundraising event, a fabulous evening of live Zimbabwean music, fashion, African art and crafts, Zimbabwean food … and dancing! The event will star a live performance by Kudzai Sevenzo and her back-up group. Also featuring the fashion of Joyce Chimanye whose Zuvva brand has been worn by luminaries such as Nelson Mandela and Graca Machel as well as many of Africa’s biggest celebrities. Joyce will be there, taking orders for made-to measure fashions (some proceeds to ZimHealth).
We also have a great raffle and auction lined up, including beautiful sculptures from Zimbabwe. The buffet table will be laden with delicious, home-made Zimbabwean dishes and the disco is set to feature the best of Zimbabwe’s music talent.
Please come and support ZimHealth! It’ll be a great evening. We look forward to seeing you there.
Venue: Ecumenical Centre, 150 Route de Ferney
Date : Saturday, September 28, 2013
Time: 7 pm til late
Ticket : CHF 50 (including dinner)
Cash bar
For tickets : or call Lois 076 755 7222 or Rose 076 621 7092 or Carol +33 64 397 0592


Naturopathe Iridologue Annecy

6 Sep

Naturopathe Iridologue Annecy

Delphine Guilloux
+33 (0) 6 62 18 96 23
Diplôme de Naturopathe du CERFPA
Diplôme d’Aromathérapeute du FLMNE


La Gourmandise

29 Aug


La Gourmandise

Welcome to La Gourmandise, a typical french-style place right in the center of Nelson, New-Zealand.

Somewhere between a cafe, a creperie and a restaurant you will enjoy a tasty food in a colorful and cosy atmosphere.

La Gourmandise
276 Hardy Street (east) – Nelson
03 54 66 348


Metropop Festival Nov. 2013

28 Aug


Metropop Festival Nov. 2013

ollowing the announcement of Gaëtan Roussel for an exclusive Swiss show, the Metropop reveals the 3-day line up! Woodkid, Parov Stelar Band, Yodelice, or Lilly Wood and The Prick, nonetheless! From 7th to 9th November 2013, the Metropop Festival will rock the Metropole in Lausanne. Here we go!

Thursday, 7th November, will be electro or nothing. The Austrian artist Marcus Füreder, producer and DJ, also known as Parov Stelar, will take to the stage with a host of musical magicians. The performances of the Parov Stelar band are one of the most impressive live conversions of electronic music currently to be seen anywhere in the world. Inventor of electroswing, his beats go from disco to jazz blowing the crowd to unexpected atmospheres. Opening the evening, Superpoze will surprise you with his true musical talent. At ease as well in writing as remixing, he creates an instrumental hip-hop with no boundary. Are you ready to dance?


Tesla Motors

27 Aug


Tesla Motors

TESLA MOTORS was founded in 2003 by a group of intrepid Silicon Valley engineers who set out to prove that electric vehicles could be awesome.

THE TESLA ROADSTER hit the streets in early 2008 as a car with no equal. Four years later, over 2,300 Roadsters drive emissions-free in more than 37 countries.

MODEL S AND MODEL X are the next step in the “Secret Plan” to accelerate the world’s transition to electric mobility. Model S is now in production!

will help lessen global dependence on petroleum-based transportation and drive down the cost of electric vehicles. By cooperating with other car manufacturers, we hope to put more electric cars on the road.

EVERY TESLA AND EV using our technology is a step towards making increasingly affordable electric cars available to the consumer.

It’s more than electric, it’s Tesla.


Punto Surf Skate Buenos Aires

24 Aug


Punto Surf Skate Buenos Aires

Guemes 20, Buenos Aires Argentina

Juan Yanez